Happy holidays!

Looking back at 2016, we realise how fortunate we've been.
We were able to work on great projects and celebrate the successes.

... But not everyone is so lucky. Wunderkraut, as a company, wants to help make the world a better place. Our DNA is all about healthy, content people and community, growth, business and sustainability. So giving back to the community is very important to us, and to our customer and partner Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders.
To you too?


This year, we'd like to focus on those who won't be home for Christmas – those in war torn areas, those on the run from dangerous circumstances and those separated from their families beyond their will. All those who won't be sharing a meal with their loved ones in a place that feels safe or familiar.


Please make a donation and spread the word.


Your donations will go to MSF projects addressing the most urgent health needs of people in crisis:


Millions of people are in desperate need of lifesaving humanitarian aid.

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  • 130,300 outpatient consultations in 2015

  • 3,500 relief kits distributed by MSF/AZG in 2015

  • 7,000 surgical interventions in 2015

Help us, give the gift of life and family

A hospital in East Aleppo was destroyed by an airstrike. The airstrikes shattered everything on the surroundings, including ambulances and cars parked in the front of the hospital.

Mediterranean crisis

2016 has been the deadliest on record for people making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean, and it's not over yet.

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  • 171,970 people have crossed the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy

  • 19,708 were rescued by MSF/AZG

Help us, give the gift of safety and basic healthcare

A woman from Ivory Coast cries after being rescued by MSF. The MSF ship Dignity I rescued 435 people from three boats in distress. Many of the rescues are conducted in dramatic circumstances, with some patients requiring evacuation to the Italian mainland.

Bikers without Borders in Congo

For the past 20 years, brutal violence in Lulingu (South Kivu province) has forced villagers to periodically hide in jungles, leaving their homes behind. The figures of families and people that received support represent only a fraction of work that MSF/AZG does in Congo.

More information

  • 519 families were provided with essentials by MSF/AZG

  • 2,700 people got first aid kits and psychological support

Give the gift of a home and stability

Most people in Lulingu, DRC, depend on the food they grow themselves. After being forced from their homes, they can no longer reach their fields or harvest their crops.


What can MSF do with a 50 EUR donation? Here are some examples:

Little gift, big impact
Little gift, big impact

Here are some examples:

  • provide 60 survival blankets

  • treat 8 people for severe malaria

  • medical material to treat 22 injuries

And much more ...


Please make a donation and spread the word.