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Leading digital agency in Belgium, Wunderkraut specialises in UX/UI design based on proven usability testing methodology to validate our solutions.

Our usability experts ensure that design solutions are both visually appealing and functional. Our mission is to make design work. That's why design validation through usability testing is valuable to ensure your digital application is appreciated and favoured by your customers.

From designing usability scenarios to conducting in-person or remote usability tests, we have the knowledge and tools to help you make sense of how users feel about and engage with existing or newly designed digital applications.

Working with Wunderkraut

Extensive Expertise
Experts across multiple disciplines, with a proven ability to design and develop highly complex solutions.
end to end project delivery
Complete Design Offering
From conceptualisation and design to usability testing and user experience validation.
agile approach
Agile is the Way
Agile way of working with clients. Lean, flexible, needs-driven and iterative.
longterm partnerships
Clients are Partners
Long term view, partnership mentality based on mutual trust and collaboration.
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Tailored & Personalised Approach
Each client and project gets unique care, based on needs and requirements.
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3 offices & 40+ professionals in Benelux, supported by 250+ experts across 3 continents.
Usability testing methodology

Concept validation holds a key to unwavering success and great user experience.

At Wunderkraut, we believe that usability testing is a bedrock for healthy digital development and market success. We are UX/UI experts and we base our strategic approach and design solutions on credible user research, proven business requirements and best practices in the field. But we also believe that end users know the best, and we always encourage our customers to do usability testing and observe how real users interact and use the product, and how they experience it.  

To ensure that your digital application meets user expectations and delivers all required features and functionalities, we offer the following usability testing services:

  • Advice on participant recruitment

  • Usability testing tasks and scenarios

  • Interactive prototyping

  • Moderated usability tests

  • In-person and remote testing

  • Usability testing on specific devices

  • Usability test analysis

  • Iterative prototyping and testing

Our usability testing techniques are designed to notice every detail of user's actions and reactions. By closely observing user behaviour, facial expression and actions on the screen, we apply think aloud method to follow user's activity. We encourage our customers to follow tests in another room together with our expert. Observing real-time testing sessions provide an opportunity to see and hear first hand how end users perceive and feel about the solution design.

We avoid any questions or comments that may prime test participants. Our usability experts stay neutral and conduct testing to find out as much as possible about their experience and expectations when using the application. Sometimes we deviate from predefined user tasks and create custom scenarios in the spot, if we find out that a user has unique interests, habits or can give us valuable insights about specific features.

From digital strategy to visual design and interactive prototyping, our job is to test the solution on real users to get unbiased feedback. We can then analyse that feedback, iterate designs and functionality and test again. Until we have certainty that the application's core functionality (also called Minimum Viable Product) is reliable and offers great user experience, which we can later develop further.

Usability experts

Our usability experts have proven skills and knowledge in testing methods and techniques to assess and deliver quality feedback from real users.

At Wunderkraut, we cover a complete usability testing process from planning tasks and designing scenarios to recruiting participants. We work hand in hand with our customers to get the most value out of usability testing.

Our usability experts continuously improve knowledge and attend training about latest tools and techniques. We closely follow latest trends in the field and internalise this knowledge and expertise in conjunction with related UX/UI and IA skills.

Related UX/UI services

Usability testing is a proven technique to find out how real users experience the application. We are your partner in designing and conducting usability tests. But to get to this stage, we can also help with the steps before and after:

  • User research

  • Needs and requirements definition

  • Business goals

  • Digital strategy

  • Brand identity development

  • User persona creation

  • Customer journey mapping

  • UX/UI design

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

  • Business analysis and requirements

  • Technology consulting.

Why customers choose Wunderkraut for usability testing

  • Agile UX/UI design methodology
  • Collaborative approach to usability testing design and conduct
  • Solid knowledge of testing methods and techniques
  • Experience in personalised, tailored tests
  • High flexibility, tailored and modular approach
  • Reliable tools for observation and analysis
  • Long term partnerships with our clients shows trust in our capabilities
  • Continuous training and development of our usability experts
  • Strong references in Belgium (including Thomas More, Botanique, Waterlink)
  • Component approach with high reusability of your solution design
  • Strong combination with Digital strategists, senior Analysts, UX specialists and Design experts

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