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Leading UX/UI design agency in Belgium, Wunderkraut develops responsive designs that fit any device and screen size and offers effortless user experience.

Our design experts specialise in creating all UX/UI designs with full responsiveness in mind. At Wunderkraut, we take responsive design to the next level by developing mobile-first design and, where relevant, applying adaptive design principles.

Taking into account today's mobility trends, responsive design approach requires exceptional technical skills in front-end development and theming. Our front-end developers are experts in CSS and Javascript and are capable of implementing smooth and enjoyable user experience no matter what device or screen size.  

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Long term view, partnership mentality based on mutual trust and collaboration.
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Agile way of working with clients. Lean, flexible, needs-driven and iterative.
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Experts across multiple disciplines, with a proven ability to create simple design for complex solutions.
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Crafting simple, intuitive, functional and responsive designs for outstanding user experience.
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Responsive Web Design

The rise and pervasiveness of mobile is not disputed anymore. Today, it's a must for companies and brands to be accessible via mobile. The good thing is that it doesn't have to be an expensive or cumbersome process that involves creating an app, getting it in an app store and then trying to do that all over again for other devices, platforms and their distribution channels.

Using responsive design to render a feature-rich experience to users on any device is an effective strategy being used to accommodate the mobile visitor. Our UX designers and front-end developers work with responsiveness in mind by default. We employ mobile-first strategy to web development to ensure the site delivers optimal user experience regardless of device used.   

With responsive web design approach our team can create a new site, or revamp your existing one, and using only the device’s mobile browser, render a visually appealing and easily navigated website that caters to top tasks of your primary target audience.  

What is responsive web design and what does it mean for your site?

Until recently, majority of websites were typically designed and developed to fit the full screen monitor of a PC or laptop. When viewed on a device of different screen size or resolution, such as tablets or smartphones, the user is required to manually zoom in and out by moving the screes just to view and read the content.

Today, we develop each website using CSS that will automatically adjust and render the web page layout based on the screen size it is being viewed on. As a result, the content is displayed for optimum viewing, no longer requiring the user to manually maneuver the page. This ultimately leads to better user experience and translates into business results through increased conversion and sales.

Our Responsive Design Services

At Wunderkraut, using Drupal or HTML5 we can create the responsive website you and your visitors, customers and/or clients want. Through the use of proven methodologies and UX/UI best practices, our responsive web designers can make your website look, feel and function next to perfect on any device.

Our responsive web design services include:

  • design and development of fully responsive websites

  • consulting and advice on responsive and mobile strategy

  • website redesign to a responsive site

  • thorough quality assurance testing across browsers and mobile devices.

Benefits of Responsive Design

Responsive design has multiple advantages that ensure better user experience and at the same time harness achievement of your goals.

  • Mobile Optimised – Fit the screen of any device or platform your site is viewed on. By using mobile-first approach, we can ensure the user experience is fully tailored to dynamic lifestyle of majority of website visitors.

  • Reduced Development Costs – Develop once and run on any device. You don’t have to develop an app for each platform and device, nor maintain all of those different apps.

  • Save Time – Only develop one site, not multiple apps for different platforms and devices and save time to implement other things or add new features.

  • Better User Experience – Faster and smoother navigation and more consistent look and feel.

  • Increased Accessibility - Going responsive scores better with accessibility.

  • Improved Appearance & Design – Applying responsiveness techniques offers better usability of the site and makes it more intuitive and pleasant.

  • Less Maintenance – Maintenance required only for one site and set of code instead of multiple apps written on different platforms for different devices.

  • Increased Conversion Rates – Allow those viewing on mobile devices to easily access information, forms, shopping carts, view products or services, without constantly trying to adjust the website on the screen and prioritising the most important tasks for the mobile screen.

  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation – A better structured site, especially for mobile, equals better load times by search engines and higher ranking.

Responsive vs Adaptive Design

In response to changing user behaviour online, designers and UX specialists are seeking ways to adapt web design and layout that immediately caters to user needs.

To help your organisation and brand, Wunderkraut's team will assess the business goals and requirements and will propose the most optimal solution for web design that meets user needs in terms of content, important tasks and usage scenarios.

In special cases, our designers may propose to opt for adaptive design that prioritises top features and functionalities for special devices to be displayed as more important. In this scenario, more important features and content will be displayed higher up on the page, thus changing the structure of the page but ensuring optimised performance and user experience.


Responsive vs Adaptive design

Where responsive design responds to changes in browser width and displays  content on the page that fits in the available screen size, adaptive design allows adjusting content layout based on the specific device. That means different content and components are displayed and the use of adaptive design is more appropriate and can be more purposeful where the user behaviour is device-specific. The right choice should be considered along with website analytics and user behaviour insights, as well as business goals.

For example, for automotive websites adaptive design can help visitors achieve their tasks in different situations. Where desktop or tablet is used more to browse car models and help make an informed decision, the mobile site may be better suited for existing clients that seek the closest car repair shop or dealership address. Our digital strategists and UX designers can help decide on the strategy and path that will make most sense for your company and organisation.

Related Design Services

Responsive design development undoubtedly is linked to other website development services. Wunderkraut specialises in end-to-end project delivery and offers a modular offering that fits your needs and requirements, including:

  • Digital strategy
  • Business analysis
  • Branding consultancy
  • Content and marketing strategy
  • Corporate visual identity development
  • IT and technology consultancy
  • UX strategy and design
  • Interactive prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • Specialised Drupal development
  • Theming
  • Integration and migration services
  • Hosting and support
  • Analytics and KPI frameworks

Starting from the digital strategy creation and project vision to brand identity development, to front-end development and technical build, our expert team can transform your branded digital experience and deliver responsive design.

Why customers choose Wunderkraut for responsive design development

  • Agile UX/UI design methodology
  • Collaborative and participatory approach to UI design development
  • Solid technical knowledge of responsive design implementation
  • Experience in personalisation, concept validation and usability testing
  • High flexibility, tailored and modular proposition to each project
  • Technically agnostic solutions to UI design challenges
  • Long term partnerships with our Drupal clients shows trust in our capabilities
  • Continuous training and development of our UI designers
  • Strong references in Belgium (including Voka, Vlaams Verkeerscentrum, Carrefour)
  • Component approach with high reusability of your solution design
  • Strong combination with Digital strategists, senior Analysts, UX specialists and Design experts

We’re ready for the next design project!