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We are an end-to-end web agency that provides a full range of support and maintenance services for your Drupal solutions.

As part of Drupal support and maintenance services we receive, classify and log incidents or service requests and assign Wunderkraut technical specialists who are responsible for troubleshooting the incident and/or problem until it is resolved. Our expertise ranges from Drupal 6, Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 website technical support and maintenance, including deployments, software configuration and release management.

We have a broad portfolio of Drupal websites for which our dedicated support & hosting team provides technical support and maintenance based on tailored support solutions. Depending on the size and/or complexity of customer solutions we offer continuous essential support for enterprise level customers, while others opt for the best effort support (a prepaid package).

Wunderkraut support experts service Drupal websites and platform solutions built by our development teams, as well as Drupal sites delivered by third party development agencies.  

Apart from day-to-day support services our Managed Services team provides strategic advice on technology initiatives to address business needs and opportunities. We also assist the customers in designing new solutions, using the broad expertise of Wunderkraut.

Working with Wunderkraut

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Robust Technical Support
Using appropriate tools to receive, classify and log incidents or service requests for troubleshooting.
software support
Proactive product and software support
Technical specialists offering assistance when it's needed the most and beyond to ensure safe infrastructure.
technical knowledge
Extensive Technical Expertise
Experts across multiple technologies and a proven ability to identify and resolve highly complex solutions.
Clients are partners
Long term view, partnership mentality based on mutual trust and collaboration.
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Tailored & Personalised Approach
Each client and project has a customised support and maintenance solution tailored to requirements and budget.
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Local Presence, International Availability
3 offices (Antwerp, Ghent, Utrecht) & 40+ professionals in Benelux, supported by 250+ experts across 3 continents.
Drupal product and software support and maintenance

Wunderkraut Belgium provides Drupal product and software support and maintenance to vast majority of our existing customers once the Drupal applications we've built are deployed and have been transferred to our Drupal support team. Our dedicated support experts offer all-round Drupal application or product support in resolving any incidents, problems or change management, as well as take care of software support, maintenance and upgrades.

Our product support services include technical support and assistance by using appropriate tools and it starts with a customer logging a ticket via our ticketing tool or by calling us. Once our support desk has assessed an issue or a question and its level of urgency, it is assigned to relevant Wunderkraut technical Drupal specialists who are responsible for troubleshooting the incident and/or problem until it is resolved.

Software support consists of making available to the customer bug fixes through Drupal module updates, maintenance releases or new Drupal core releases. Primary functions for our Drupal support and maintenance experts are ensuring trouble-free release management and software configuration management. Wunderkraut's Drupal support specialists will alert you and propose the most appropriate action plan in critical situations when the security and safety of your Drupal application is potentially compromised. In such instances, our team will take immediate actions to upgrade or update certain software features to avoid any risks of hacking or malfunction of your Drupal application.

Just like with product support services Wunderkraut specialists will consider the best possible timing for software updates to minimise any impact on your Drupal application's performance and your business.

24/7/365 website monitoring and support

Our 24x7x365 Service desk is designed for fault prevention, handling of identified issues and monitoring the application performance.

In addition, wunderkraut provides a complete Service Level Agreement is an exhibit to a Statement of Work (SOW) in the Agreement between the Customer and Wunderkraut.

Data backup and restore services

Drupal support infrastructure, tools and, most importantly, our Drupal support expert team provides backups for the business critical servers and data of the Wunderkraut platform. Depending on the support contract or special needs that our customers may have, our Belgium support team will ensure that backups are running efficiently at all times and can be repeated more often under special circumstances.

To prevent any impact on the Drupal site performance and to avoid any potential bottlenecks that could occur during business hours our support experts usually run backups during the evening and/or night. After speaking with our customer we assess what would be the best time to run backups, so that the procedure is tailored to fit their needs. Our automated systems allow us to monitor and restart any failed backups. Our support customers can request at any time to restore backup data as our Drupal support and maintenance team keeps aside backup sets at all times.

All backup equipment is securely maintained and patched in regular cycles to provide a high degree of security to our customers and their Drupal applications in order to protect sensitive data and keep the application functioning properly and smoothly.

Additional Drupal Managed Services

Our experienced support and maintenance experts provide tailored strategic advice on technology initiatives to address business needs and opportunities. Wunderkraut team has skills and expertise to offer technical and functional knowledge support in answering business related questions, provide training on specific modules or configuration management - the registration of the configuration state of the hosting components of the Wunderkraut platform. Our Drupal support and maintenance specialists can offer a custom transfer knowledge to the customer, as well as assist our customers in designing new solutions, designing hosting environments and engaging in collaboration and technical and/or functional meetings with the customer and third parties.

Wunderkraut support team has capabilities to act as a single point of contact for all third party products and service contracts related to Drupal applications and hosting.

We can also service our customers by providing capacity management, which means planning and managing necessary Drupal platform resources in line with the purpose of the platform. In this specific offering our specialists consider the limits of the agreed usage profile, site visitors and traffic load, based on monitoring and business forecasts.

Incident and Problem Management for Drupal applications (ITIL services)

Wunderkraut offers incident management to our support customers under the Service Level Agreement (SLA). An Incident is any event which is not part of the standard operation of a service and which causes, or may cause, an interruption to, or a reduction in the quality of that service.

We follow a well-established Incident Management Process to restore normal service operation for web applications as quickly as possible and minimise the adverse impact on business operations. The assigned Drupal support exerts will take ownership of incident or service request with the objective to restore the Drupal application in the quickest way possible. Our job is to analyse the issue details and troubleshoot, and identify the appropriate course of action to resolve as quickly as possible. Hence, the Incident Management can mean a complete resolution, workaround or a temporary fix until the underlying issue is tackled in a more robust way.

If the website is restored and negative impact on the business is mitigated, but the underlying issue still requires resolution, it is transferred to the Problem Management process. If a new feature or change in functionality is needed our Drupal support experts can action on it by transferring it to the Change Management.

No matter what issues you're experiencing, our dedicated support team will receive and handle your request in the right way and by putting on it the right people.

Quality Assurance testing services

Our Quality Assurance (QA) testing team can work both with your existing project or one that is just being developed. Our specialists will recommend you the best types of QA testing services (or their combinations) depending on your website or application type, scale, complexity, as well as your target audience, business goals and specific needs.

In the process of testing, professional QA testers will always see your website or application from such angles as developers won’t. Quality assurance testing services are designed to ensure the final version of your product is flawless in all important aspects such as usability, functionality, safety, compatibility and more.

Using BlazeMeter and Sauce Labs, we specialise in the following testing areas:

  • load testing
  • performance testing
  • cross browser testing
  • continuous integration testing
  • selenium testing
  • mobile testing
  • javascript unit testing
  • automated testing

Why customers choose Wunderkraut for Drupal support and maintenance

  • Tailored support and maintenance packages based on customer needs
  • Highly flexible and collaborative in finding solutions with third party hosting providers
  • Rapid-response support service for urgent issues concerning Drupal environments
  • Assist customers in designing new solutions, using the broad expertise of Wunderkraut
  • Experience with upgrading and migrating Drupal 6 and 7 websites to Drupal 8
  • Extensive knowledge of integrations with Salesforce/SAP and other legacy systems
  • Leaders in Drupal development and expertise for 10 years
  • Long term partnerships with our Drupal clients shows trust in our capabilities
  • Customer-friendly tools for logging and following up on request status
  • Experience with various Cloud hosting providers such as: Acquia, Cloudstar, Sentia, Combell, aws.Amazon, Azure, Platform.SH.