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Creativity coupled with technical know-how make us indisputable experts and leaders in Drupal design, development in Belgium. We've been building Drupal experiences since 2007 and it's in our DNA.

Wunderkraut offers without a doubt exceptional technical services in building Drupal web applications and platforms. However, a prerequisite for engaging and well-built digital applications is well thought-through and intelligent design.

Our Drupal designers' objectives are to come up with the most effective structure, navigation and layout for your digital application that is both highly functional and easy to use, as well as creative and visually appealing. Through discovery, prototyping, testing and iterating we deliver designs that drive your business and deliver on your needs, be it conversion, user engagement, generating traffic and leads, reactivating existing customers, improving customer satisfaction, support recruitment or otherwise help your business.

Working with Wunderkraut

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Clients are Partners
Long term view, partnership mentality based on mutual trust and collaboration.
agile approach
Agile is the Way
Agile way of working with clients. Lean, flexible, feature-driven and iterative.
expertise and knowledge
Creative & Technical Expertise
An eye for design combined with expertise across multiple technologies equals ability to create visually stunning and highly complex solutions.
end to end project delivery
End-to-end Project Delivery
Delivering from conceptualisation and design all the way to final, tested and live digital solution.
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Tailored & Personalised Approach
Each client and project has a dedicated project manager and steady team.
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Analytical and Strategic-Minded
Expertise in insight analysis, requirement identification and definition of a long-term vision for digital presence.
Drupal Web Design Services

Does your current web application design has the right look & feel? Do you attract the right users and help them complete their tasks with your existing design or layout?

We can help you find the right balance and provide you with the best Drupal design insights. Web design is the creative approach of making a web application. It involves graphic design, use of typography and esthetic balance to meet the objectives of the application.

Our Drupal design experts will ask the right questions and will provide relevant insights to shape the interface and interactive design in the right way. Wunderkraut's experience in UX, UI design coupled with usability knowledge and technical insights will guide the application project process in the right direction from the beginning.

We focus on web design in its widest sense of meaning. Wunderkraut's Drupal design team is guided by beautiful and functional design in whatever they do - from adding a ghost button or a CTA to facilitate conversion to creating delightful micro-interactions that will bring your application to life and captivate your end users' interest and attention.

Our Drupal web design process

Our design experts' approach is based on making complex online applications simple and intuitive to use and meet your customer needs. Be it structural changes or re-organisation of content and navigation or interactive behaviour and visual design, we identify existing issues that your end users or website editors have and make necessary changes to make the solution user friendly from external and internal interface point of view.

We love projects that require strategic work to define the web design and experience stemming from using digital applications. Wunderkraut offers an end-to-end project delivery, however, our design specialists can also look at your website's usability and visual design and make recommendations, as well as implement and develop changes to improve the branded online experience.

Drupal web designers

As a leading Drupal web design agency in Belgium, Wunderkraut has an experienced and talented staff of Drupal website designers that are committed to designing and delivering creative and captivating Drupal web designs. As a company specialised in Drupal development, Drupal consulting and digital application design, Wunderkraut has a wide scale of experience and skills that are ready to work on exciting and challenging projects.

Our talented team of Drupal web designers strive to get the Drupal web design our clients need and want, delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our Drupal web experts have experience in delivering Drupal web design projects involving all levels of complexity for some well-known corporate, government and non-profit organisations that are considered market leaders.

Drupal UX design

Information Architecture is het base of your website, the underlying structure that informs navigation, identifies and defines the site content & features. Because it’s the base upon which we build the website, it is very important in the experience of the user, even though he might not see it directly in the user interface. Our Information Architects will help you define a structure that feels recognisable for your end users, making them feel comfortable and being able to find what they are looking for. Among others, some of the activities we cover in Information Architecture are: content inventory, content audit, content modelling, taxonomy & label definition, navigation & sitemap.

Wireframing: Based on the structure defined in Information Architecture, our interaction designers will start wireframing the website. Wireframes can be created for multiple viewports, showing behaviours & visualising interactions that users can have with the website.

Usability testing is an evaluation from a product or service by testing it with representative users. During such tests, participants will try to complete certain scenario’s while we observe their clicking paths and thinking process when they navigate through the product or service. After those tests we evaluate the usability and adjust  where needed.

Drupal UI design

UI design stands for user interface design and our Drupal designers are true experts in developing the most effective and creative UI design for Drupal sites. UI defines the look & feel, interactive elements and mostly the overall presentation of the product. UX and UI design go hand in hand, where UI is primary focused on the emotional connection between the user and the product. User interface doesn’t mean it is limited to the screen design of a computer, tablet or mobile device… Nowadays, the UI is everywhere - from watches, vending machines to GPS systems and virtual reality applications.

We at Wunderkraut are UI designers with a Drupal design state of mind and our mission is to create visually stunning work to enhance the User Experience of your customers.

Why customers choose Wunderkraut for Drupal design projects

  • Agile web design and development methodology
  • Continuous training and development of our Drupal design experts
  • Extensive knowledge of IT system architecture audit and strategic design
  • Strong expertise in UX and UI design and best practices
  • Trained Drupal experts in website accessibility
  • Leaders in Drupal design, development with expertise of 10+ years
  • Long term partnerships with our Drupal clients shows trust in our capabilities
  • Most Drupal 8 references in Belgium (including Voka and Carrefour Belgium)
  • Platform approach with high re-usability of our Drupal code in your project
  • Strong combination with senior Analysts, Brand and UX specialists, Design experts and Frontend developers
  • Comprehensive design acumen including creative design & UX design, as well as usability testing, wireframing, information architecture, concept creation & prototyping.

We’re ready for the next challenge!