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Digital Strategy Services

  • Technology Consulting
  • Branding
  • Business analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Mobile strategy
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
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A leading digital agency in Belgium, delivering digital strategy to companies seeking to establish and develop a long-term, successful and forward-thinking digital footprint.

Wunderkraut's digital strategists are experts in defining and crafting long-term plans that accelerate business growth, as well as advising on and executing tactical actions for immediate success.

Our experienced team will help you define business goals considering the context of your industry, competition, current performance and your end user expectations. We offer a comprehensive set of analysis and recommendations, including marketing and communication channel strategy, mobile and technical strategy, customer experience journey mapping, competitor analysis, branding consultancy and visual brand development.

Working with Wunderkraut

longterm partnerships
Clients are partners
Long term view, partnership mentality based on mutual trust and collaboration.
agile approach
Agile is the Way
Agile way of working with clients. Lean, flexible, needs-driven and iterative.
Extensive Expertise
Experts in every step of digital strategy, with a solid methodology and effective tools.
light bulb
Thinking Ahead & Beyond
From conceptualisation and design of websites and apps to complete user experience overhaul.
personalised approach
Tailored & Personalised Approach
Each client and project gets unique care, based on needs and requirements.
global presence
Local Presence, International Availability
3 offices & 40+ professionals in Benelux, supported by 250+ experts across 3 continents.
Digital strategy services

Business success today requires deep understanding of your customer needs and ability to respond to those needs in the most effective, efficient and engaging way. Technology and digitisation alone does not suffice anymore, especially if your ambition is to be a market leader. Our mission is to review, redefine and redesign every step of your business funnel and customer experience to make sure technology and tools serve the right purpose.

Our digital strategy offering includes:

  • User research and insights generation

  • Definition of business goals

  • Competitor analysis

  • Customer experience mapping

  • Marketing and content strategy

  • Brand strategy and visual identity development

  • Mobile strategy and consultancy

  • eCommerce strategy

  • Technical and architectural strategy

We believe in a tailored approach to each project and challenge, but our strategists will always ensure that basics are there for building the strategy on a sound foundation. By auditing and assessing existing digital presence and applications, customer interaction and market trends we will help you identify opportunities to deliver your services and products to end users in the most relevant and delightful way.

Our goal is to discover what drives your end customers and use these insights in designing frictionless and enjoyable branded digital experiences that deliver on your business goals.

Our strategy experts

Empathy and curiosity defines who we are as individuals. We apply these skills in the way we work and engage our customers. Constant pursuit for improvement is in our DNA.

Having a variety of different skills and expertise areas extend our capabilities  across disciplines. Our professional expertise covers the following areas:

  • service design

  • data analytics

  • content marketing

  • conversion and engagement

  • research and insight generation

  • needs assessment

  • customer segmentation

  • channel strategy

  • digital ecosystem mapping

  • business process modelling

  • change management

  • governance framework design

  • marketing automation

  • SEO.

Continuous learning and knowledge sharing motivates our team. We inspire and learn from each other.  We strive to deepen our understanding by regularly attending professional conferences, courses and training programmes.

Our approach to digital strategy development

Digital strategy can mean different things. There is a multitude of ways how one goes around designing the strategy. Guided by customers' ultimate goal to increase the business value and to meet end user needs, we prioritise activities and deliverables that bring value and purpose and are practical in their application. That means, we don't rely on theoretical exercises, but strive to give our customers tangible tools and instruction on how to establish or strengthen their business in the digital environment.

Knowing the business context, previous user experience, industry specifics and internal ins and outs of your company and core business are prerequisites for our strategy team to be able to devise a digital strategy that is substantiated by data and facts. We trust that insights about user behaviour and your product or service performance, sales and marketing management, customer service and other related domains provide us with valuable information that help assess and re-think the entire customer experience.

By working closely with our customers and bringing together various business departments, we create a shared pool of knowledge about current and desired state of digital. Our goal is to achieve alignment and develop a sense of responsibility and action plan that is shared across the team to ensure long-term success.

Moreover, we take into consideration also your internal team and how they interact with or manage digital applications. We are convinced that delightful customer experience starts with delightful employee experience and radiates outwards.

We approach challenges in the most pragmatic and utilitarian way to ensure no resources are wasted, and whatever is produced as outcome of the project is useful and applicable to further implementation of the digital strategy.

Why customers choose Wunderkraut for digital strategy

  • Omni-channel approach to customer experience strategy
  • Collaborative and participatory approach to digital strategy development
  • Experience in personalisation, concept validation and usability testing
  • High flexibility, tailored and modular proposition to each project
  • Technically agnostic solutions to UX design challenges
  • Long term partnerships with our clients shows trust in our capabilities
  • Continuous training and development of our strategists
  • Strong references in Belgium (including Voka, Vlaams Verkeerscentrum, Carrefour)
  • Component approach with high re-usability of your solution design
  • Strong combination with Digital strategists, senior Analysts, UX specialists and Design experts

We’re ready for the next challenge!