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Brand consultancy services 

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A full-service digital agency in Belgium, offering branding consultancy, brand strategy and corporate identity development services that help brands stay relevant and loved.

We create branded experiences that are meaningful and pleasant at every step of the user journey. Our focus is on digital environment, using technology to enable brands stay in touch and connect with the right users and adding a pinch of creativity to give brands their unique personality and voice.

From brand strategy to corporate brand identity design to activation, we create new brands or can help you in rebranding to stay relevant and up to date with customer preferences and competition.

Our brand experts' mission is to grow the brand value and increase user satisfaction.

Working with Wunderkraut

longterm partnerships
Clients are partners
Long term view, partnership mentality based on mutual trust and collaboration.
brand strategy
Strategic Brand Foundation
Merging shrewd business acumen with deep understanding of customer preferences.
Extensive Expertise
Expertise in insight analysis, requirement identification and definition of a long-term vision for digital presence.
end-to-end strategic project delivery
Thinking Ahead & Beyond
From conceptualisation and design of brand basics to complete user experience overhaul.
personalised approach
Tailored & Personalised Approach
Each client and project gets unique care, based on needs and requirements.
global presence
Local Presence, International Availability
3 offices & 40+ professionals in Benelux, supported by 250+ experts across 3 continents.
Branding services

To be successful today, brands need to be much more than a decade ago. Technology development, changing consumer behaviour patterns and disruptive business models mean that we perceive and use brands in a fundamentally new way.

To stay ahead of these changes and succeed in the digitised world, we help brands craft and shape their identity, find the right positioning and niche and reach the right audience.

Our branding experts can help you with:

  • brand definition and positioning

  • brand architecture and portfolio

  • insight generation

  • messaging and tone of voice

  • competitive market analysis

  • customer segmentation

  • brand visual identity development

  • creative direction

  • brand activation

We guide our customers thought the brand evolution journey. Our experts are able to create a shared brand vision among stakeholders and employees to drive successful launch and activation. We can help you create a branded platform where customers can fulfil their needs, engage with and get inspired by your brand. We are driven by the challenge of crafting winning brands and building communities around them.

Our branding expertise

We believe that each brand has a unique purpose and place in a customer's life. Sometimes brands can play such a role in one's life that they become like extensions of one's personality. This is why we think branding is a serious business.

Our quest is to get to that aha moment of discovering and understanding the deep motivations and needs of why people prefer one brand over another. Our brand professionals then turn those insights into brand attributes and craft a unique brand personality, supported by real, proven brand benefits.

We re-think the entire branded experience from the customer's point of view and overlay that with the business needs. That allows us identify opportunities to design useful, meaningful and delightful brand engagement.   

Our skilled creative professionals shape corporate brand identity in a way that fits its function and personality. We trust in simplicity and elegance that reduces noise of today's overwhelming communication space and focuses on core functions and purpose. Through the visual language we design your brand story that speaks to the right audience.

To help your brand stand out from the crowd and boost your business performance, we focus on digital experiences. Therefore, our key task is to help your brand navigate the digital domain and leverage technology to offer true value to your customers.

Related services

While we recognise and are able to capitalise on the power of brand creative appeal and intelligent positioning, our capabilities go beyond branding expertise.

At Wunderkraut, we can help you with:

  • Digital strategy

  • UX / UI design

  • Creative development

  • Technology consultancy

  • Web development

  • Marketing strategy

  • eCommerce consulting and development

  • Mobile strategy and development

  • 24/7 support and maintenance

Why customers choose Wunderkraut for brand development

  • Complete vision for branded customer experience strategy
  • Collaborative, creative and analytical approach to brand development
  • Experience in personalisation, concept validation and usability testing
  • High flexibility, tailored and modular proposition to each project
  • Passionate and skilled creative team
  • Long term partnerships with our clients shows trust in our capabilities
  • Continuous training and development of our strategists
  • Strong references in Belgium (including Voka, Botanique, Thomas More)
  • Component approach with high re-usability of your solution design
  • Strong combination with Digital strategists, senior Analysts, UX specialists and Design experts

We’re ready for the next challenge!