digital strategy

Vision rooted in meticulous research and relevant insights

The online world offers endless opportunities to grow your brand and business. But without a clear vision and direction it is easy to lose competitive edge or go astray in the digital jungle.

What we know determines how we act

We listen carefully to your needs and empathise with your end-users. Observations, investigations and analysis shape the discovery phase.

Armed with relevant insights, we define your business needs and goals. Our services are designed to shape your brand’s digital DNA concept and its implementation framework. Together with our clients we look at the bigger picture of branding, marketing and technology needs, always with a long-term vision in mind.

We create a digital concept that is a foundation of holistic and viable digital ecosystems.

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Kristine Smukste
Kristine Smukste
Business & Brand Strategist
We audit existing technical systems, tools and content to determine an IT strategy and a digital solution that addresses customer needs - be it a website, a collaboration platform or an integrated solution.

To create a 360○ online user experience we shape brand visual identity. Intelligently crafted look and feel is half of the end product success - combining technical and visual skill of user interface.

Our team of analysts, consultants and designers paint a vision and guide you in creating branded digital experiences that connect you and your end-users. As a result, we present you a comprehensive proposal on how to leverage digital tools to make your brand, organisation or business more relevant and successful.

Our analytical and conceptual services

  • insight generation
  • discovery workshops
  • brand identity & positioning
  • portfolio & architecture
  • messaging
  • market analysis
  • customer segmentation
  • top task analysis
  • architectural strategy
  • technology consultancy
  • touchpoint mapping
  • corporate identity development
  • art direction

Added value

We bring additional value to our clients by analysing risks and assessing dependencies between various  technical components. That enables us to design sustainable, viable solutions and fitted governance models that ensure quality execution and effective management of systems and content.

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