development & integration

Development and integrations with best-of-breed technologies 

Our front- and backend developers love to code. We're a team with a proven track record in building, migrating and integrating web applications. We know which tools to use and how to integrate them with other systems.

Drupal is in our DNA, and open source is our religion

Ample technical know-how makes us indisputable experts in code development and integrations. The more complex the challenge is, the more kick we get out of it. Our team includes several Drupal Heroes contributing to - the core of - Drupal Software.

Drupal is open source, powerful, scalable, extensible, customizable, built for social publishing, search engine friendly, flexible, highly secure. We create digital solutions by selecting and applying best-fit Drupal modules. No matter what we develop, we make sure accessibility and SEO standards are built in to facilitate usability and performance.

When needed, custom code offers extra functionalities tailored to your specific needs but always keeping the maintainability of this custom code in mind.

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We think of web development as lego. It's modular, creative, precise, and fun. Integrations are like icing on the cake.

We recognize the power of data flows and their role in the user journey, as well as blocking risk of legacy systems. That's when integrations come in handy. We modify and integrate them in the flow so that your end users can get from the site what they've come for.

First, we define which are the data sources in the user journey and how this data can be used in each step of the process.

This data then needs to come from its' unique residing application and be guided through a good integration to serve the actions of your user. One data source rules out mistakes and duplicate data. It lowers administrative burden and is time saving.  

For single data source, real-time marketing and sales data management, we employ APIs to make use of the functions of your favorite systems. Through in-between layers like an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) we link systems and serve the necessary data to your (semi-) public web application.

Real-time data increases operational efficiency. Your data is up-to-date and accurate, allowing you to learn about leads in real time so you can act upon your visitors behavior.

Our team builds for you, with you. Together we decide what the highest-priority features are. While your website project evolves, new ideas and approaches are often generated.

Working in sprints, we release these features at fixed times. Agile approach makes us flexible and allows you to finetune the functionalities being built along the road. Your are in the driver's seat of your web-project as the Product Owner.

Our build services

  • Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 development
  • Drupal configuration
  • Drupal custom module development
  • Frontend theme development
  • Symfony and Custom PHP development
  • AngularJS and Backbone.js applications
  • Mobile app prototyping
  • Continuous integration
  • Agile Scrum methodology


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