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The challenge

Making the difference as an investment company

Gimv is a leading European investment company with more than three decades of experience in private equity and venture capital. The company is listed on Euronext Brussels and invests in entrepreneurial and innovative undertakings with a high potential for growth. Gimv uses the platforms Connected Consumer, Health & Care, Smart Industries and Sustainable Cities to guide companies in their transformation to become market leaders.  

Gimv is making the difference as an investment company by means of a dedicated and professional approach.
Clear communication certainly is a part of this approach. The website is one of their most important communication channels. After 8 years, the old site needed some refreshment, mainly in terms of structure and the underlying architecture. Wunderkraut became the sparring partner to guide the company, using our specialisation as a website builder, during the upgrade and revamp of


The task

The old website focused on the Gimv story, not on the user. The new site had to depart from the entrepreneur: what is the added value for him, what information is he looking for and what is the feeling he gets when thinking about Gimv? The website first and foremost has to inform and provide contact data that accentuate a personal approach and promote collaboration. The priority target groups and corporate messages had already brought the company into focus. After research and benchmarking with the websites of their peers, Gimv asked us to:

  1. Refresh the visual design
  2. Make the site responsive
  3. Follow a user-centred approach 
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High-level concept

Wunderkraut goes the extra mile. We launch innovative and result-oriented ideas. It is up to the client to go along with those ideas, or not.

Gimv expected us to provide new suggestions, to think along in the process of analyses and production, to execute the design and development and to take a critical look during the entire course at the choices GIMV made. 

That’s how we set to work. We started with a workshop to go through the research report together and to ask for additional information, especially about the business objectives and the functional objectives of the site.

Based on that input, we developed a high-level concept in the field of usability and graphics that was elaborated in detail in wireframes. We particularly tried to innovative and to give the site a more human face. We launched, for example, the idea to visually connect projects and team members with each other.   

Gimv website viewed on desktop
Gimv website viewed on mobile
Gimv portfolio page view

The road was bumpy at times and unexpected circumstances emerged during the project, but we appreciated the professional approach that led to a successful result. We are extremely proud, what a difference with the previous website.

Annick Van Segbroeck

Visually strong story

Pictures add a more human and accessible character to a website.

After the concept was approved, our development team started with the execution.

Striking was the implementation of a visually strong design with many pictures to emphasise the human aspect. It was important to achieve a good flow of content, both visually and from the messaging and information point of view, thus guiding visitors through Gimv's services and explaining their way of working. This meant that information architecture, messaging hierarchy and visual components had to follow these two design rules: first, clear content hierarchy where storytelling aligns with the visitor's interests (user-centric vs organisation-centric) and, second, visual design supports content not vice versa.

Gimv head office in Antwerp

Our design team employed a component-driven design approach that enabled Gimv to reuse components in creating different content pages allowing maximum flexibility, whilst ensuring time and cost-efficient implementation in the build phase to keep the budget under control and stick to the timeline.

‘Social media share’ buttons were integrated – because sharing success stories and realisations continues to be very valuable – as well as the press release module through Symex (WebDisclosure). The client itself took care of the content; their copywriters were already involved in the wireframe phase. 


Hosting & technical support

After the go-live, Wunderkraut further ensures hosting, service and technical support. The client’s goal (and ours) is achieved at the delivery: a visually attractive website so a real connection can be made with the user. Entrepreneurs will be shown a clear and informative side of Gimv and are able to contact them directly by means of call-to-actions.


Our project team

Sanne Janssen, UX lead
Tim Mallezie, Lead Developer
Tim Schacht, Designer
Rob de Vries, Front-end Developer
Pieter De Troyer, Project Manager

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