Simply You Box 2.0 for Carrefour

Optimisation online order platform for meal boxes

Design & Development
Drupal 8

The challenge

Because of all our busy activities it is not always easy to come up with perfect meals to put on the table next week. There is not always time to buy fresh ingredients either. Supermarket chain Carrefour responded to this need with the Simply You Box. That is cooking inspiration, grocery shopping and extra free time in one box. The online sale of the meal boxes was tested in 2016, and was officially launched in 2017. The formula: fresh and seasonal products in 9 recipes, preferably of Belgian origin.

The Simply You Box can be ordered online through a platform that was developed by Carrefour last year. In order to further optimise the user experience and respond even better to the wishes of customers (such as home delivery), Carrefour soon wanted an update of the website/webshop. In view of our previous work for the supermarket chain - for example the Bonus Card loyalty website - we submitted a proposal for functional and technical improvements. That is how the update of Simply You Box was granted to Wunderkraut. The challenges for our team: expand the interfaces with the internal systems and expand the commerce platform options.

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The Solution

Technical and functional analysis

At the start of the project we performed a technical analysis to outline the strengths and weaknesses of the existing platform. What is available, what are we building on, which functionalities need to be provided ... those are all matters we translated into wireframes. It soon became clear that we had to change the structure completely. Parallel to the design we also cleared the way for development in Drupal 8. Development was done in sprints, in consultation with the Product Owner at Carrefour.

Mobile view
Tablet view

Single sign on

The order flow is aimed at taking customers through the recipes quicker, with a visually attractive design and tasty content. The biggest change for the user is the delivery: in the previous version you could collect the Simply You Box in 85 shops (and processing the orders was real manual work behind the scenes for Carrefour). With the new version you can also select home delivery. In order to efficiently automate this, we provided an interface with the different back-end systems and a single sign on (central login system for all Carrefour Drupal sites). When ordering, a single login is required, after which the platform will immediately recognise your personal data, add the bonus points to the Bonus Card etc. During the ordering process you decide on the delivery method, or you look for a (collection) shop in your area by means of an integrated overview site. No more lists, but properly working integrations. This also means that tracking codes are provided, so you know exactly where your order is.

Another novelty: if you order a Simply You Box and want to share your experiences, you can give feedback about the recipes. Carrefour thinks these evaluations are very important and wants to increase the interactivity of the site this way.

From acceptance to production

In the autumn of 2017 the platform was ready to be launched. Tests were conducted on an acceptance server, and after approval everything was transferred to the production server. The development of a platform does not stop with the launch of the new site. It constantly needs technical maintenance, security updates and a safe infrastructure. Our support team is also glad to assist Carrefour in this respect.

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