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Card sorting & tree sorting paving the way to new site hierachy

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The challenge

With more than 100,000 members Chiro is the largest youth organisation in Flanders and Belgium. The Christian-inspired organisation brings teens together - and outdoors - to spend their free time in various outdoor activities and games. And to create a 'school of life'.

Chiro employs nearly 1,000 independent Chiro groups in Flanders and Brussels and also has international branches in South America and Africa.

Behind the site - one of the most used communication channels of the youth movement - is a volunteer team supported by an internal IT staff and communications manager. The website's main objective is to provide information. To its volunteers, as well as to members, parents and supporters.

To give a solid structure to the growing content a fresh look at the information architecture was much needed. Of course, taking into account mobile devices. Wunderkraut saw what needed to be done and helped Chiro to develop a new robust site structure.

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The solution

New global menu as a starting point

Thanks to the excellent preparatory work done by Chiro, Wunderkraut was well equipped to start the project. Step 1: determining a new main navigation. On the basis of past surveys and web analytics, coupled with some defined user journeys and user personas, we soon presented the first proposal of the new structure. This proposal was further fine-tuned with the help of two test methods: card sorting and tree testing.


Card sorting and tree testing

For the card sorting exercise we invited some Chiro members (target audience) to organise different cards logically into categories. All subjects and themes that would appear on the site were included in cards. In short, effective, 'low tech', bottom-up approach we validated a logical hierarchy of the navigation tree.

Chiro wireframe low-fi sketches

Tree sorting, on the other hand, entails the top-down principle. Through this usability technique we got valuable insights into how users navigate site. The test subjects were given a specific task (for example, "find how you can join"), navigating from the main menu into submenus and thus deepening the navigation structure. Based on the speed and immediacy of the choices made, the tree was optimised in several iterations.


Mobile first

Both testing methods were enthusiastically received by Chiro and the result was truly rewarding: a crystal clear view of the new information architecture. With this accomplished, we turned to elaboration of wireframes, focusing on mobile first. The key target audience was Chiro leadership and volunteer base. And these 18 to 24 year olds surf more on their smartphones and tablets than on the PC.

Additionally, Wunderkraut came up with a flexible structure that is easy to manage and update. So web editors can push certain content to the forefront, depending on the audience visiting the site at a specific moment. For example, think of parents who mainly look for information in September to decide on spare time activities for their offsprings.

In this project, the wireframing of mobile and desktop screens was less critical and was partly implemented by Chiro. Same as the design.



During this insight-intensive and revealing journey Wunderkraut was not aiming at building the site, but instead creating an elaborate PDF and interactive prototype that explains and illustrates the new site architecture. In other words, handy clickable content that the developer of Chiro can implement.

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