Principal remake of the corporate site

Making complex information digestible and visually appealing

technical analysis

The challenge

Banking services and financial management, sometimes a real information jungle. Not only for the customer, but also for the website administrator. In 2015, Swift entrusted us with the development of a new website. We built an SEO-friendly site that is a perfect fit with their corporate identity as the leading supplier of secure services for financial messaging data. The result? A site that integrates technical complexity with functional simplicity, with the focus on security, transparency, optimised structure, handy content management, lead generation and extra conversion.

Two years after the release of the site, Swift took the next step to a mobile responsive version. Because even though their services are mostly used during business hours on desktop computers, mobile use will only increase in coming years. To make consulting the site on a mobile device just as elegant, extra development was needed.

financial institutions
rely on Swift
demonstrate the integrity of the reference data
and regions where Swift services are used
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The solution

SEO-friendly website

We were happy to contribute to the ambitious goals of Swift. We took responsibility for the technical side of the challenge, while a partner firm took care of content strategy, designs and wireframes. Immediately out of the blocks, we performed an extremely rigorous technical analysis and drafted the version's structure. With a Proof of Concept, we tested our ideas against the requirements spelled out by Swift. 

During weekly meetings with the business owners, the IT team and the test team, we discussed the progress and functionality. We called these meetings sprints, with a demo and implementation. Of course, this went hand-in-hand with detailed reporting and status controls.

 We set up a translation workflow for collaborations with external translation agencies. And then Solr came on the scene, not only to optimise the search functionality but also for content management. All of this with a view to achieving a flexible and easily adaptable site and with the possibility to also build secure microsites on the same platform.

Swift desktop + ipad
Swift desktop macbook
Swift iPad mockup
Swift mobile and tablet
Swift new desktop view

The mobile update

For the update, we utilised the designs which were created by Swift's design agency. A review was needed to determine how the structure and content could be optimised for mobile use. The menu navigation on smartphones and tablets is complex. The design had not taken enough account of the weaknesses of some mobile browsers, which meant that the development process had quite some extra technical challenges to overcome.

Because the Swift website has several special pages, each one entirely unique, we had to deal with these individually. As a result, the magnitude of the project was greater than we had thought.

Every 2 weeks, together with Swift, we organised another sprint with demo to review the progress. By the end of the mobile update, we, and all our knowledge, shifted into escalation mode in order to deliver a technical tour de force, or the perfect mobile responsive site, by the deadline.

And we are also standing by ready to provide Swift, in the forseeable future, with support and additional features and releases. We are proud and thankful for the opportunity, as a long-term partner, to work together with Swift to build their digital ecosystem.

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