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The challenge

As the Flemish Expertise Centre for Sexual Health, Sensoa works on reducing the risks of unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. But this official partner organisation of the Flemish Government also pays attention to the pleasurable, agreeable sides of sexuality.

Their goals in a nutshell? To inform and to raise awareness. How? By means of an extensive array of information at, among other things. 

This site, to name just one example, highlights the importance of contraceptives. But, instead of simply providing dry content, Sensoa wanted to approach the topic differently this time.

The solution was an interactive comparison tool which you can use to make a quick and easy comparison of all methods of contraception.

Right from the start, Wunderkraut entered the scene as an established Sensoa preferred partner for the construction of the corporate website and other campaign sites like As a result, the project could start immediately, and final delivery was not long in coming.

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The solution

From dry content to interactive tool

For a better user experience and accessibility to the contraceptive knowledge base, it soon became clear to Sensoa: the info should no longer be presented on the site as dry content – read: flat text – but should instead be incorporated into an interactive tool. A user-friendly comparison tool you can use to quickly and easily compare all of the efficient – and less efficient – contraceptive methods.

With the content sorted and a conceptual plan in mind, it was the Wunderkraut development team's turn to get down to work. And on the basis of wireframes from AG Consult, a partner of Sensoa during the preparation phase, they did just that.


Swift and organised

The content was transferred to a brand-new template interwoven into the current site and crafted in the Sensoa house style. The most significant challenges? Ease-of-use for the user and a very fast loading time.

To accomplish this, the filters implemented in the side bar follow a certain logic and are saved for a long time, even when the user wants to return to the ‘main menu’ after visiting a detail page. And other features have also been introduced in the tool. For example, what if a user thinks an info page on the Pill is interesting or if he/she would like to share a comparison? Then the user can easily share this with a friend.

woman using Sensoa anti-conception tool on the laptop
Sensoa anti-conception tool accessed on mobile phone

SEO optimised

The comparison tool was developed to be fully SEO-friendly. Special attention was paid to the restructuring of the hierarchy so that the tool also scores high in the area of SEO. All of the pages in the tool have excellent redirects and are an integral part of the Sensoa website. And, of course, double content was eliminated.

After the implementation came the testing phase, so the tool and the renewed site could go live in October 2016.


Support & maintenance

Since the Sensoa employees were already familiar with the CMS system, there was no real need for training. Wunderkraut handled all of the post-implementation service by providing support and maintenance where necessary.

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