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The challenge

“The driving force behind a successful business is happy employees.” Social insurance fund Attenia is convinced of this, and it is from this conviction that they offer such a wide range of services. From HR Consulting to Social Secretariat and Prevention & Protection at Work.

Attentia is at home in all markets, making them perfectly positioned to support companies along their paths to successful HR and Well-being policies.

With a view to providing even better service, Attentia has focused on a brand-new online child allowance platform. Via this portal, employees can consult their payment histories, request certificates and gain access to their complete files, including the details per qualified child. They can do all this at any time and from anywhere. What's more, the online platform can be coupled to the existing Attentia internal communication tool.

A real challenge, but exactly the kind of thing that Wunderkraut excels in. In fact, Wunderkraut secured this project thanks to its intensive technical expertise. An extra plus point was the proximity of both parties in Ghent.

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The solution

Innovative registration system and API integration

The actual construction of the platform was preceded by a discovery phase. The purpose of this phase was to map out the internal requirements and all relevant data. Following the discovery phase, we worked out the design and the various wireframes, taking into account the fact that the platform had to fit within the house style of the current site.

Only then did the development team swing into action. The online child allowance platform is entirely focused on the employees of Attentia's client companies.

And Wunderkraut came up with an innovative registration system specifically for this purpose. With this system, it is only possible to log in with a National Register Number or an eID card reader. Intensive work is also being done on the integration of the new API, so that rapid data exchange with the Attentia internal communication tool is guaranteed.


Intensive Project Management

Of course, a project of this size – in addition to the technical challenges – goes hand-in-hand with clear communication and the necessary teamwork.

Wunderkraut took responsibility for the management of the project and provided guidance when necessary. The project communication channels flowed between 4 parties, with Synergics and Statik as the 3rd and 4th parties. Synergics provided Attentia with development support, and Statik stepped in for the design of a simulation tool for calculating the actual child allowance.

Wunderkraut implemented this simulation tool into the site later on.

Dekstop Attentia
Dekstop tablet Attentia

Intensive training and going live

As soon as the online child allowance platform was finalised, Wunderkraut got to work providing intensive training to the internal testers at Attentia. The first test launch soon followed in the summer of 2016 and was later expanded to include a broader group. And on 15 November the platform went completely live.

And Attentia? They can start actively promoting their new user-friendly platform.

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