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Campaign site for Doctors without Borders (MSF)

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The challenge

Visual storytelling, maximum engagement

An image is worth a thousand words. Photographs call up emotions and raise awareness. A photographic story, or visual storytelling, is a powerful medium for creating maximum engagement. And this engagement is vital to an organisation like MSF. So they can continue to offer their help world-wide.

Wunderkraut has built ‘Congo in Images’ campaign site especially for the crisis in Congo.

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The situation

Hidden behind the countless hills, rivers and villages strewn over the entire country lies the unutterable suffering of millions of people, people who are victims of violence and a lack of basic health care. MSF works tirelessly to provide help to the Congolese people. 

An exceptional campaign site must support them in achieving this. It isn't the written word that dominates here, but powerful images from professional photographers who show us the hard reality on the ground.

This consciousness-raising project of MSF Belgium set out as its most important objectives:

  1. To create greater brand awareness
  2. To enlarge the MSF network and collect visitor contacts
  3. To prompt visitors to subscribe to the newsletter.

With an innovative concept and an invigorating campaign, Wunderkraut gives the target audience a nudge in the right direction. 

In this campaign, visitor emails were acquired in three ways :

  • A pop-up on the website that led to a photo contest page.
  • The form all the way down on the page.
  • The photo contest was also promoted in a lead ad on Facebook (without leading to the campaign page).

Despite modest promotion for this campaign, the organisation’s objective of collecting emails was successful. With limited advertising generation of heavy traffic to the campaign page was not the primary goal. However, the conversion rate of visitors that subscribed to MSF Belgium newsletter reached 10%. A great result!

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AZG Congo campaign page tablet view
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From concept and design to development

At Wunderkraut, we usually build extensive sites with complex functionalities. This means our teams are almost constantly fully booked. Despite our shortage of resources in the autumn, we were able to launch this campaign site in a very short time.

Wunderkraut had already built the website and the alumni platform for MSF Belgium. A plus point for this campaign, since our tools and processes were already familiar.

When it comes to building a visual campaign site to bring a story to life, making a storyboard is the single most important step in the entire process. It was MSF's job to gather together the content. We made a proposal for the concept and the design and started developing as soon as it was approved.

AZG Congo campaign mockups in Figma

Not standard, outstanding

The campaign site must be unique with several recognisable points of reference from the MSF look & feel. We adopted specific fonts, buttons, colours and the footer from the current MSF website. We added an interactive design and new content components which MSF can mix and match themselves. 

By scrolling down, you can view the entire mobile-responsive campaign site or use the revised menu to navigate to the various themes. The distinctions between full-screen images, (intermediate) titles and emotional messages ensures that the story has more staying power. Furthermore, it gives MSF the chance to tell the stories behind the crisis, and their needs, from various perspectives. The photos from the image gallery are key to this. 

It is important to provide available content as early on as the first design concept. This enables us to really utilise all the possibilities when visualising the campaign.

Sharing is caring

How do you urge people to take action? With a strong visual story line that is well put together functionally and that can be shared over and over again throughout the world.

The icing on the cake of this project is the ‘social sharing’ functionality. Images and content can very easily be shared thanks to the integration with social media, via Facebook and Instagram, for example. This allows us to generate more traffic, a better SEO ranking and increased visibility. It is an invitation to discover Congo but also to become acquainted with the enormous challenges that MSF faces and with their inventive solutions for these challenges.

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The organisation could also use your support. Spread the word! 

For more information about Doctors without Borders, call +32 (0)2 474 74 74 or visit

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