Maasmechelen meets Uitdatabank

A winning hand: user-friendliness and responsive design

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The challenge

Culture is alive and well! Thanks in no small part to the UiTdatabank.

Since 2005, this data bank has been the central hub of all things cultural and recreational in Flanders and Brussels. You could even say it is the ultimate source of info and the starting point for all your free-time activities, those right around the corner and further afield.

To find this information, you can consult UitInVlaanderen, an innovative idea from CultuurNet Vlaanderen.

But in Maasmechelen, there is also something astir. This city in Limburg – particularly known for its extensive array of shopping opportunities – was one of the first cities to connect to the popular UiTnetwerk. And with that, of course, comes a completely new website: UitInMaasmechelen.

The challenges associated with this new site were considerable, but that just made Wunderkraut's enthusiasm for the project that much greater. Thanks to its outstanding cultural profile and services rendered for UitInVlaanderen, the city found its way to the doorstep of the Wunderkraut team, who were ready to optimise the current website and have it interact with the UiTdatabank. A site where user-friendliness and responsive design are key factors and where Maasmechelen can showcase all its assets. Challenge accepted.

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The solution

Quick and efficient thanks to this ‘perfect match’

Even before the kick-off meeting, we were all pulling in the same direction. Of course, there was the existing website. And, the city of Maasmechelen did have a clear-cut goal in mind as well as a concrete plan ahead of the start, and they were actively involved in the development process.

Thanks to our years-long partnership with CultuurNet Vlaanderen, the inspiration and initiator of the UiTdatabank, and other projects recently implemented for UitInVlaanderen, this combination resulted in the ‘perfect match’, throughout the entire process. 

In fact, the first design proposed was spot on. Even the myriad functionalities appealed to our client right from Day 1. With a high-quality and high-efficiency end result only 4 months after our first meeting. Not bad, right? 


From UiTdatabank to UiTPAS: custom-implemented modules

Of course, the UiTdatabank had to become the beating heart of the new website in Drupal 7: a completely implemented and user-friendly module which allows each visitor to carve out his or her own way quickly and easily through all of the cultural and recreational offerings. A tall order, given that 20,000 organizers input more than 170,000 activities per year. It was here that the experience with other CultuurNet projects came in handy. 

Besides all that, we also provided the new website with the following functionalities:

  • CultureFeed: a framework of Drupal modules made to interact with UiTdatabank and UiTID
  • Highlighted events: a custom-made solution for placing and highlighting current events on the home page
  • User box: functionality with which local clubs and associations can add, modify and follow up on their own events
  • UiTPAS: a savings and benefits pass which keeps track of users' events and passes along interesting benefits customized to their interests
UitInMaasmechelen website homepage in a desktop view
UitInMaasmechelen  new responsive website open in tablet and mobile
UitInMaasmechelen new responsive website page viewed on mobile

Let’s go mobile

In addition to the many functionalities featured on the new website, providing the user with a good overview remains a key priority. To this end, we have created a user-friendly interface geared to families and children as well as to tourists. Accessibility is essential, as is the responsive design. The website adapts itself to all web browsers and is easy to read on tablets and on smartphones.

Training, hosting & support

Of course, our partnership does not end with the launch of the website. After the transfer from our developers to the support team, it was their job to support the client with training and advice. So that the city of Maasmechelen could also get down to work on their brand-new platform. And Wunderkraut remains at its post for further hosting and support. Ready to help where needed.

We told Wunderkraut about our ideas and priorities, and they found a way to translate these into the website. What's more, they kept our limited budget in mind and helped us to achieve as much of our wish list as possible with a minimum of expenditures.

Tanja Rutten, Youth Services Director

Take a look at the result at UitInMaasmechelen.

You will find more information about the UiTdatabank at CultuurNet Vlaanderen.

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