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The challenge

The Flemish Greens - Groen - needed to launch a new and improved website in time for the general elections in Belgium. The client envisioned an innovative and accessible site that put visitors and people at the heart of Groen's online brand experience. The structure and content of the corporate website had to clearly demonstrate where the party makes a difference, driving conversion and engagement. The site had to be mobile first, responsive and tightly focussed on user needs, offering a fresh new look and feel.

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The solution

To appeal to larger audience and maximise accessibility for mobile users, the corporate site was designed and built as mobile-first. Wunderkraut worked agile with Groen's design team and leveraged design system to create a fully responsive site. UX trajectory was done robustly to ensure the end product would meet user expectations and Groen's objectives.

In the UX phase we started with an inventory of old website content, followed by content modelling to plot out main goals and information needs for each type of audience in a matrix.

Based on content needs we established a high-level sitemap for information architecture and site structure proposal, and organised a card sorting to validate the structure. From that, we made wireframes and built an interactive prototype using real content, which provided necessary input for both visual design and technical development. To validate the prototype, we asked people from the target audiences to use the prototype and observed how well they could perform typical tasks.

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Big chunk of the backend work consisted of integrations with Microsoft Dynamics xRM, social media platforms and Mailchimp, along with creation of newsletter templates. A special configuration management system was set up to facilitate deployment.

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Motivation to extend Groen experience

With brand visual identity redesign, a new corporate website that offered the right content in the right place Groen were able to grow their electorate, assert its positive image in the Belgium's political landscape, and achieve internal party objectives.

Gaining positive experience from the corporate site build and management, Groen saw more opportunities to benefit from Drupal. As a result, our collaboration with Groen lives on, and over past few years we have helped them to seize those opportunities by developing a party president election campaign site, enhancing corporate site's functionality, and building a mobility budget tool. Wunderkraut also remains Groen's trusted partner also for support and maintenance of developed applications.

Other impressions of work we do for Groen

Mobility Budget Simulator

In order to emphasize the benefits of Groen's proposal for a fiscal commuter traffic compensation that allows employees to select the vehicle of their choice to move around, we developed a simulation tool that visualises fiscal proposals based on the distance between domicile and workplace, applying a fraction related to the employment time percentage and granting a bonus for bicycle traffic. The tool is integrated in Groen website and allows sharing simulation results on Twitter.


Green hosting solution for a green political party

Wunderkraut is a hosting provider to Groen. We ensure robust security policy with regards to information storing and guarantee tried and tested procedures and workflows. In addition, our hardware infrastructure is positioned on LCL data centres that are ISO 14001 certified. It means those are the greenest data centres in Belgium.


As of December, 2017, Groen has moved to Nationbuilder as a platform which offers more out-of-the-box tools for campaigning.

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