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The challenge

With campuses in Antwerp, Lier, Geel, Turnhout and Vorselaar Thomas More is the largest breeding ground for highly skilled professional talents in the province of Antwerp. In addition, it is a strategic partner for lots of companies and organisations.

Through track5 Thomas More is connected to 7 institutions for higher professional education aiming to build one large educational space where everyone can grow in line with their talents.

In order to support this mission and reach the broadest possible target audience, the university college started looking for a partner to refurbish the existing website www.thomasmore.be. After 4 years the site needed an update.

Wunderkraut took care of the technical and functional requirements, tendered for the project and was granted the contract. It consisted of developing wireframes and a prototype, a graphic design, the construction, training, support and hosting. The new site had to be developed in the most recent and stable Drupal version. 

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The solution

User story mapping

We started to interview the customer and organised a user story mapping workshop to translate all needs and wishes into a functional and technically solid design.

By means of clickable wireframes we showed Thomas More an impression of design and functionalities. A modern graphic design was made for the new site, in line with the existing house style and which reflects the community feeling of the different campuses.

After consultation some adjustments were made to the design and, after approval by the university college product owner, we got the go-ahead to start with the development. 

Thomas More homepage - desktop version
Thomas More website viewed on mobile screen
Thomas More website - tablet view
User story mapping workshop outputs

Powerful search function

The new website is based on the old version with a similar content and functionalities, and was further optimised and expanded with the extras that were needed.

One of the essential factors was the target audience of the site. Primarily, these are the students (aged 16-20) who must be able to find the information about the study program of their choice. The old site contained a complex search function that caused poor usability. It needed improvement. A more practical overview of the study programs, main subjects and optional courses was needed to facilitate content scanning and quick access to relevant information, as well as a fast route to brochures, registration for events through one website, etc. 

The challenge was the fact that the study programs consist of several levels, and that a political balance was required for the different campuses, to ensure that a certain program would receive the same visibility on one campus and in another.

Furthermore, we made sure that users on the Thomas More side could quickly and easily add and manage study programs, for example by means of selecting a campus and a template. 


Training, support, hosting

A part of the assignment was assisting Thomas More web masters in entering content. This was done for the first time in a rather early phase, still parallel to the development. The reason was that many study programs had to be entered as soon as possible. Follow-up training, including documentation, is part of the delivery phase.

After the final acceptance Wunderkraut remains the maintenance and hosting partner. For further questions or problems Thomas More can rely on our support department. In the future some functionalities which came up at time of the user story mapping can be further implemented.

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