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A new, vibrant look & feel for the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra

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The challenge

Antwerp and music, a beautiful story. Vibrant, inspiring and artistic. Precisely the philosophy of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, the professional symphony orchestra of the Flemish Community, whose home base is the Filharmonisch Huis in Antwerp.

Lately, the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra has taken on an extraordinary mission: to visually augment the value of its artistic spirit with a complete rebranding, including a redesign of its website.

The impetus for this mission did not just appear out of thin air. The new Koningin Elisabethzaal in Antwerp was scheduled to reopen at the end of 2016, a special occasion for the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra since many of their concerts are performed there. So, of course, this became a logical target deadline for the completion of the rebranding. 

An external agency started creating a new house style and designed a graceful logo and other visuals that link the public with music. A style that aims to be both classical and hip. Because, that's the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra through and through.

And Wunderkraut was entrusted to transform the website with a modern look & feel. Quite the challenge given the tight deadline, but a plum job for our developers. Feel the vibe.

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The solution

Preparation and design

The hard-hitting strengths of our Wunderkraut designers are their intensive technical expertise and their analytical prowess. We were sure to take these out of our toolbox during the briefing.

Because there's often more to the visual make-over of a website than you'd think. Front-end and back-end adjustments go hand-in-hand. It was there that we assumed an advisory role in the project for the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra.

In addition to the look & feel, several functional adjustments were also needed, completely in line with the renewed, dynamic house style. So that even after the restyling, music lovers could still easily navigate their way to their favourite concerts and to the reservations calendar.

To optimally elaborate the design, a proactive division between the preparatory phase and the development phase was an important pluspoint. During the preparations, we used the briefing as our foundation, and we defined all requirements for the design and the branding. Including the components for an optimal information architecture.

Development phase

The real development began in the second phase, with a clear division between front-end and back-end tasks. The Antwerp Symphony Orchestra was involved throughout. Because – in addition to the technical and time challenges – a visual make-over must be accompanied by clear communication and constructive teamwork.

Wunderkraut took responsibility for the management of the project and provided guidance when necessary. Quick, flexible and dedicated.

defilharmonie new website on tablet and mobile
desktop view of calendar on defilharmonie site
defilharmonie new page design - desktop view

Testing, acceptance and follow-up

After internal testing by our designers in the development environment, the responsive website moved to the acceptance platform, and the customer had the chance to test it, make adjustments, where needed, and validate it.

With just a few extra requests – thanks to our analytical insight which led to the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra benefiting from more guidance than they had originally requested – the website was ready to be introduced to the public. is now live.

And for future development, architecture and consultancy needs, the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra can count on Wunderkraut. We will be more than happy to immerse ourselves once again in their classical vibes…

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