Carrefour Loyalty website - Bonus Card

New public site in Drupal 7

Loyalty Program

The challenge

The Belgian division of Carrefour needed a new website focussed on their “Bonus Card” Loyalty program they run in their retail stores. Clients needed to be able to consult their current earned “Bonus points” and past transactions, have ways to manage their reduction vouchers and earn additional Loyalty points through gamification.

Since Carrefour Belgium teams up with other partners to add more interest to the Bonus Card program, they should have a personal place on the website and means of offering “deals” to the Carrefour Customer.

The client required easy maintenance of the content of the website, allowing non-technical editors to build a good looking page that meets the webpage’s style guide.

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The solution


Our developers have built a completely new website in Drupal 7 that connects through several backend systems that live at Carrefour Belgium and are used to maintain client data and the loyalty program information for each individual client. Based around a set of basic information pages like the Bonus Card Loyalty Program explanations, an F.A.Q. and the Partner pages, there is a rather big part of the website reserved for logged-in users. Those users are actual Bonus Card holders and their relatives, as they can both benefit from the same card.


User experience considerations

New users can register for a Bonus Card at the website. To accomplish this, we integrated our earlier created Connect registration form, implementing some additional fields and checks and gave it the styling of this website.

Once registered, we provide access to pages to administration pages that allow the user to update their personal data, invite family members to their account, review their past transactions and provide them insight on Bonus Points earned. When enough points are collected, a user will have the possibility to display a barcode on their smartphone or print vouchers. These vouchers can be used to get additional reductions when making a payment in a store. All data is collected through API’s connecting with internal systems maintained by the client.

A vital part to stimulate client engagement was including monthly and seasonal contests to the website. Based upon certain criteria, Bonus Card members get the chance to participate in contests. These contests can be scheduled and maintained by the webmaster.

Carrefour Bonus Card desktop
Carrefour Bonus Card ipad iphone

Since this website requires a lot of maintenance by editors, we have deconstructed the entire website into components. These components allow editors to add portions to web pages that already have advanced functionality to them and will always respect the styling of the website. This caters for a lot of flexibility to non-technical editors that can now build fully functional pages without applying one single line of code.

Other impressions of work we do for Carrefour

Single Sign On solution

Our task was to create a central user repository combined with a Single Sign-On solution to facilitate logging in on different Carrefour websites. We implemented a library for accessing user repository (REST) and combined it with a module that enables central login on Drupal websites.

Carrefour bonus card and mobile application