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Culture info hub for Brussels and Flanders

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The challenge

With its thousands of daily visitors, Uit In Vlaanderen (formerly cultuurweb.be) is the reference site for cultural and recreational information of Brussels and Flanders. Initiated by the Flemish Ministry of Culture, UiTinVLaanderen.be is a web project developed by CultuurNet Vlaanderen.

The main objective was to migrate the old site to Drupal 7 to keep up with evolving technology, whilst giving the site a redesign and integrating it with Uitdatabank database. 

To enable Cultuurnet and its partners easily create new sites related to cultural and recreational events, our team was tasked to develop a custom module suit. And since major part of their business is related to events, organisers needed to be able to register and publish their events across all sites that are part of the same framework.

The solution

Build of UitInVlaanderen website was technically challenging and required specific knowledge and expertise in custom Drupal module development and API integrations.

Our development team created a brand new framework using Drupal 7 that would connect different event and cultural sites to a central hub via an API integration, and refactored the Cultuurnet API module suite (REST). The result - efficient content management for the client and its partners.

A CultureFeed module suite (REST/OAuth) was created along with the custom Drupal module suit (CNapi). We also created a base theme for front-end display and developed a Drupal install profile so that partner organisations can install a ready-to-theme event site.

Three websites that use data sharing from Uitdatabank

Cultuurnet module site now consists of an entire codebase available publicly through GITHub for use by interested parties.

Recognition and success

The  website has been rewarded with the Site of the Year Award and the Usability Award. Dozens of websites and applications have been developed by CultuurNet Vlaanderen and its partners using the Culturefeed module suite.

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