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The challenge

The Belgian branch of Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres/ Artsen Zonder Grenzen) needed a new website that would offer optimised user experience, have a modern look & feel and would encourage people to get involved as volunteers or support the organisation.

Key requirements for the new site included ability to swiftly replace homepage with a crisis page focusing on a hot issue, publishing diverse content types to enable engaging storytelling that would also stimulate conversion, and connection with social media to facilitate interaction with key target audiences.

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The solution

Our development team built a future-proof website with a mobile first approach, taking advantages of Drupal 8. Technical solution enables AZG to easily activate a crisis page temporarily replacing the homepage. Feature stories can be highlighted by flexible drag-and-drop content reordering functionality, ensuring that visitors always get the latest and critical updates.

The new site is integrated with social media, and social sharing has been implemented with post configuration options. To preserve news and information logged on the site since 2002 we wrote scripts to migrate the content from the old site. We also did a training session with content production and management team from AZG focusing on SEO-optimised content writing and technical search engine optimisation.

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The Belgian Doctors Without Borders branch now has a well-designed, conversion-driven and easy-to-maintain website offering a lot of flexibility for page creation and storytelling.
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It is a pleasure to work with Wunderkraut. The projects are managed with quality, in time and in budget.

Thibault Dujardin-Bazier, Digital Communication Manager at MSF Belgium

Image courtesy of AZG Belgium: © Alessandro Penso and © Yann Libessart / MSF

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