Celebrating 10 years of Wunderkraut

This month we celebrate our 10th anniversary. Our founders believed in the power of Drupal and against all odds, Wunderkraut has become a European industry leader in Europe. Join us in our celebration!

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This December, Wunderkraut celebrates its 10 year anniversary. Over the past decade, Wunderkraut, a European Drupal leader, has lent its expertise to many clients including Thomas More, Carrefour, and Swift.

10 years ago, Wunderkraut, then Krimson, started in Belgium as small drupal development shop. From there, Wunderkraut has grown tremendously to become a technology leader in Europe. With over 30 employees in its Belgian offices, Wunderkraut now offers its clients services related to Concept & Design, Integration of Open Technologies, Hosting & Support.

In addition to serving the European market, Wunderkraut’s services now also reach places in North America and Asia. This is in part thanks to the strategic partnership formed with Appnovation, a Canadian based technology company.

Growth and expansion have not come without challenges; 10 years ago, many industry leaders were not ready for open technologies. Not only have they had not heard about Drupal, but internally, many systems were not ready to support such technology.

Nonetheless, Wunderkraut’s leaders didn’t give up and persevered.

My goal was always to work for big and important clients; I wanted to introduce open source software, specifically, Drupal, into the corporate world. This was my motivation to grow Krimson into what it is today.

Jo Wouters

Today, we can happily say that Wunderkraut has achieved and exceeded its goal. And, none of it could be possible without the support and trust from our employees, clients, partners, the Drupal community, and our families. Thank you all for a decade of excellence.

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Fun facts:

  • Wunderkraut founders meet during an Open Source CMS Summit at Yahoo! in Sunnyvale, California in March 2007

  • First important client was NRC Handelsblad in January of 2008

  • Our first office was out of our founder’s apartment

  • Wunderkraut is an active member of the Drupal community, having participated at many European DrupalCamps and DrupalCons. Have you ever spotted our famous bean bags?

Krimson Krew 2009
Krimson Krew 2009


Krimson Krew 2010
Krimson Krew 2010


Wunderkraut Team
Wunderkraut Team 2017
Wunderkraut Team at DrupalCamp
Wunderkraut Team at DrupalCamp 2017
Wunderkraut Team at DrupalCon 2017
Wunderkraut Team at DrupalCon Vienna 2017


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