API-driven solutions are your future

How today's enterprises can transform their IT models with Mulesoft application networks to respond to changing business needs and meet rising customers' expectations and decrease time to market for new initiatives.

When Wunderkraut Benelux joined the Appnovation family, a whole new world of Open Technologies opened up for us. This includes Atlassian, Acquia, Janrain, Al Fresco and Mulesoft. On May 15th, a sunny Monday, I joined their Partner Enablement day in the Mulesoft offices in Amsterdam.

About Mulesoft and what it does

Mulesoft’s vision is to connect all the world’s applications, data and devices. Connecting systems has been the most expensive and unsolved challenge in the IT. Mulesoft’s solution allows enterprises to move away from peer-to-peer integrations between all your systems which is costly and unmanageable when systems and datasources evolve over time. A better approach is to connect every system/device or datasource with Mulesoft in a standardised and secure way.

If you have 5 systems that need to be connected, you’ll need to do 5 integrations with Mulesoft instead of  10 or more peer-to-peer integrations. Of course, it's easy math - less time and financial resources required. But if we look at broader range of benefits, it’s more than just a reduction of 50% in the number of integrations. As it’s a standardised and secure way of working, it allows you to re-use the integration code and practises. With every new system you may want to connect it will be faster than the time before. At the end of the day, decreased time to market for new initiatives is a powerful business impetus.

When to consider Mulesoft software

For large enterprise businesses with complex architecture and industries where data sharing and collaboration is critical, Mulesoft offers integration services to establish and run efficient digital platforms with an API-led approach. For instance, healthcare, transportation and education industries among others can truly transform their IT and digital strategy by reducing development cycles and roll-out time for new applications while increasing productivity.

Mulesoft tech integrations

Mulesoft’s vision is to connect all the world’s applications, data and devices.

Moving into the leader's quadrant

With this new and effective approach to IT management Mulesoft has rapidly moved into the leaders' quadrant in Enterprise Integration/API markets which used to be dominated by Oracle, Tibco, IBM and others. This demonstrates that, when comparing different vendors, CTOs find that with Mulesoft they can design and deploy API solutions quicker and at less costs.

Recognising value in Mulesoft for our customers

By joining Appnovation, we added the Mulesoft technology to our portfolio, allowing Wunderkraut to get involved at a deeper level with our clients who want to structure their data and systems. With references like Cisco, Pfizer and the UK Valuation Office Agency, Appnovation is one of Mulesoft’s top partners in North America. A partnership Wunderkraut will leverage in Western Europe for our existing clients and new ones. So any of you who are looking to consolidate data across multiple devices and systems, please talk to Wunderkraut to analyse your business requirements.

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